At the age of eight , Thomas started playing the violin. At this time already, he developed his love for various musical trends such as classical, baroque and world music.

During his formation at the Conservatory in Montpellier and in Lyon (France), he studied with professors such as Francine Nordland, Matis Vaitsner and Tibor Varga. This close encounters will allow Thomas to greatly improve his skills and musicality.

Awarded in 1996-7 of three grand prices in alto at two National Conservatories in France (Rueil-Malmaison Françoise Gnéri and Marseille Alain Jeanneau,), eligible at the CNSM in Paris, he then finds out about the Spanish, symphonic and lyric repertories signing his first appointment with the Philarmonic Orchestra of Gran Canaria (Spain). This whole experience provided him a wealth of travels, concerts and recording.

For 8 years in France, Thomas has come alongside various repertories inside orchestras such as the Opera of Rouen Haute Normandie or music ensembles such as the french chamber orchestra, during numerous festivals within the entire country (Festival Musica in Strasbourg, Maison de Radio France, Salle Pleyel, Cité de la musique Paris, Opera of Rouen, Thêatre de l’ Archevêché Aix en Provence, Théâtre de Compiègne, Festival of Sacred Musics in Perpignan, Craters of Alès, Opera Berlioz Montpellier, at Vigan and at the Abbey of Sylvanés).

He get the opportunities to travel abroad in the framework of his concerts, from the ROH2 London Royal Opera House to the Luxembourg Opera, from the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to the Madrid National Auditorium, the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Rotterdam in the Netherland, Pyongyang in North Korea, Beirut in Lebanon, Alexandria in Egypt, the Theatre Mohamed V Marrakech in Morocco) under the direction and influence of renowned conductors such as Janos Furst, Martin Brabbins, Marc Minkovsky, Philippe Herreweghe, Marek janowski, Jérémie Rohrer and Georges Hurst. These incredible experiences enhanced his abilities in playing tutti, chamber music and even sometimes solist.

In 2007, he met two key persons whom he gets his instrumental game and his willingness to continuously research sound aesthetic from; Alice Pierrot in “ancient musics” in Aix en Provence (France) and Amanding Beyer in Barbaste (France). From this time on, he keeps on seeking authenticity.

After a short alto-baroque period at the Conservatoire Supérieur of Brussels (Belgium) with Mira Glodéanu and at the CRD in Orsay (France) with Patrick Coën-Akenine in 2011, Thomas got involved in numerous productions: Palazetto Bru Zane (CNSM Paris), Les Festes d’Orphée (Center of Baroc Musics in Versailles), Music Antiqua Provence in France and Switwerland. It is at this time that he is founding the quatuor Armonici.

Today, Thomas is opening his repertory even more broadly: from the solo recital to the symphonic orchestra, from the baroque to the jazz and also to the Caribbean music, notably in Guadeloupe island where he is currently teaching.

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