concert thomas gonzalez

Thomas is willing to relay his musical and orchestral experience to young children. This motivation led him to study for four years at the superior school of music teachers in Abagne (France) from 2001 to 2004.

He had been a violin-alto professor at the county conservatory in Privas (Ardeche, France) and the CRD Henri Tomasi in Ajaccio (Corsica, France) before getting more involved in educational work.

The national conservatory Edward Said of Palestine in Jerusalem then contacted him, and more recently, the Cle des Arts where he currently works in Baie Mahault, Guadeloupe Island.

Thanks to his educational methods, the students are discovering broad repertories, leading them to various musical worlds.

Thomas had also had the opportunity of teaching the Klezmer music; it took him into educational researches in 2004, and he got deeper into it and wrote a thesis on “the input of teaching traditional music into classical music” and thus applied it by performing concerts with ensemble such as Divano Dromensa.

By the collaboration of his classes to various projects, he organized chamber music concerts, and created an orchestra for the project “Racines Klezmer”, where the students of the singing class and the ones from instrumentals classes (cello, piano, transverse flute) of Ajaccio (Corsica, France) were brought together.

Another noteworthy realization that Thomas carried out was the project “No-Mad”, in partnership with Aubenas and Vals les Bains towns (France). This project brought together the students of the musical school in Aubenas with a professional Balkans music ensemble, and with solists such as Bruno Rigotto, Quatuor Voce or Henriette Cartier-Bresson at the Festival Opus.

Thomas thinks that music should be put in close relationship with other artistic field, and he made this association crucial. In that framework, he organized multiple multidisciplinary  auditions. Through the Klezmer music and the repertory of Jean-Sebastien Bach, Thomas thus put together music and dance – having in common with music a connection between body and space, or music and painting, during a public display in Nimes (France) in 2003.

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